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Casa Azul’s food tastes even better than it looks

Aly Brown, Iowa City Press-Citizen

I have found that Mexican food in Iowa can go one of two ways: incredibly delicious or downright bland.

Chain restaurants haunt our landscape, misrepresenting Mexican cuisine with pasty beans, ground beef and canned cheese sauce. But in the Iowa City area, we have welcomed several authentic Mexican restaurants, including La Michoacana and La Reyna, which has since moved to Vinton.

I was excited to learn that Casa Azul, a restaurant featuring central Mexican cuisine, recently opened in Coralville near the Iowa River Landing.

ATMOSPHERE: Casa Azul is immediately recognizable. Living up to its name, the restaurant is very blue, presumably inspired by…. Read More

Casa Azul Restaurante y Cantina is a welcoming eatery

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Casa Azul Restaurante y Cantina is a welcoming eatery featuring an array of authentic Mexican dishes. A beautiful interior space, complete with colorful décor and paintings that pay homage to Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, enhances the cultural experience guests will have when visiting Casa Azul. Offering lunch and dinner every day, the menu is brimming with flavorful options that will delight…… Read More

Taste: Horchata

Stephen Schmidt, Iowa City Press-Citizen

“So is horchata like Rumchata without the rum?”

Well, sort of. Or it is, but you’ve got that backwards: Rumchata is horchata with the alcohol added in.

Horchata (sans alcohol) is a popular drink in most of Mexico. Made of rice (or other grains) and mixed with cinnamon, then blended, strained and mixed with vanilla, water and often milk. It is simple in makeup but time intensive to make from scratch. That’s why even though it is a popular Mexican drink, many Mexican restaurants don’t offer it on their menus. Here are a few local….. Read More

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blockqouteWe were headed along the 80 and stayed the night in Coralville. My husband spotted Cafe Azulejo! The parking lot was crowded….always a good sign! Our server was Abraham. He was excellent!! He made us Casa Azul’s very best Margarita…a little spendy but worth it! No mix…fresh lime, orange juice, sweetened with Agave. Yum!!! Food is good..enchilada’s Suisa was a delicious chicken enchilada topped with a yummy jalapeño verde sauce! Table side Guacamole service made by Abraham was a nice touch! Not the best Mexican Food ever….but very good when traveling cross country!Wendpypgk
blockqouteI was staying at the Coralville Marriott on a business trip so this restaurant was about a 10 minute walk out to the main road, but worth it. The complimentary chips and salsa were very good and the Pina Colada Daiquiri was nice and refreshing. I asked the waitress for any recommendations since I was just visiting and she was more than happy to offer a few ideas. I tried the Chori Pollo which is a combination of grilled chicken and house made chorizo sausage topped with their queso sauce, served with tortillas, refried beans and rice. Wow, was it good. The waitress was extremely nice and I even saw her run a purse outside to another customer who dropped it in their booth. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is casual. If I were to return to this area, I would make a point of stopping here again.06015JNkellym
blockqouteWhen traveling through Iowa on I-80 we stopped for the night in Coralville and read the Trip Advisor reviews and decided to try this restaurant. The service was excellent, margaritas great and the food was excellent. Delicious queso dip, fajitas and pollo Monterey. This is not an upscale restaurant so the Mis-matched quest bowl and plate did not bother us—just wanted the queso to be good and it was. Several kinds of Mexican beers were available as well as several favors of margaritas. Food came quickly and was very hot. A delicious meal at a reasonable price. Menu is also very extensive. A good choice and a good family restaurant.Kansas Sunflower
blockqouteWe stopped for an evening meal while traveling front Denver to Chicago. The staff was personable and helpful. The service was quite excellent and the meals were delivered with little delay. Regarding the food, we ordered the chicken fajitas which were superb. Highly recommended for locals and traveller’s alike.Richard

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Casa Azul Restaurante Y Cantina
708 1st Ave
Coralville, IA 52241
Phone: (319) 338-2641


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